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's such a super day. super tuesday has become super wednesday. mitt romney racking up six super states, including that classic cliff hanger in ohio. he's kind of talking like it's over, but did he land that knockout blow? >> no. >> if your support really means everything to ann and me, and i'm not going to let you down. i'm going to get this nomination. >> while rick santorum wins three states because mitt romney still cannot convince conservatives that he's the man. we're taking a look at the exit polls. this is my favorite part actually. different numbers are revealing some big problems for the front-runner. christine romans is breaking it all down. she's going to talk about electability and the economy and what folks are saying about that. >> i'm not sure it's my favorite part because the information is so revealing or whether it's christine romans, who's my favorite person. we're going to get to her in a moment. but after taking the most states and the most delegates on super tuesday, mitt romney walking the walk and talking the talk, pretty much looking like the nominee, but all candidates a
. >>> super mitt. >> i'm not going to let you down. i'm going to get this nomination. >> mitt romney lands his lead with super tuesday wins but can't land the knockout blow. >> we need a fighter. >> rick santorum keeps hanging around thanks to the romney doubters in the reddest of red states. >> we have won in the west, the midwest, and the south, and we're ready to win across this country. >> and newt gingrich. have you learned not to count him out? >> there are lots of bunny rabbits that run through. i am the tortoise. i just take one step at a time. >> the republican race moves forward on your early start. >>> and a very good morning to you. it's two minutes past 5:00 a.m. on the east coast. and it's a very "early start." >> i'm ashleigh banfield. >> and i'm zoraida sambolin. let's get started. >>> it is the morning after super tuesday. all candidates are still standing, but mitt romney is starting to sound more like the nominee. here's where we stand the morning after. romney took ohio and alaska, two races that weren't called until most of you were sound asleep. he also won massachusetts
the nation that mitt romney is inevitable just collapsed. >> the third place finishes leaving mitt romney with nothing but the math and money and more people doubting that that may be enough as we move on your "early start." >>> good morning everyone welcome to "early start" i'm ashleigh banfield. >> i'm zoraida sambolin. we're bringing you news from a to z, 5:00 a.m. in the east. >> alabama, mississippi, rick santorum a southern sweep. >> a heartbreaking tragedy in switzerland, 22 children killed when a bus crashed in the wall of a tunnel. that bus carrying 46 children, and six adults was returning to belgium after a school ski trip. a total of 28 people died, police are investigating now. >>> prosecutors in alabama plan to seek the death penalty against this woman, accused of literally running her 9-year-old granddaughter to death. the girl was forced to run around the family house for hours as punishment for lying about eating chocolate. >> president obama and david cameron holding formal talks at the white house with the war in afghanistan, iran's nuclear program, syrian crisis and th
. >>> and a big night for mitt romney after a decisive 1 -point win, he's setting his sights on louisiana. romney has near ri half the delegates that he needs to secure the nomination. >>> and shocking new ref layings in the shooting death of a florida teenager. the girlfriend of 17-year-old trayvon martin says she was on the phone with him just minutes before he was killed. an now lawmakers are calling his death a murder and a hate crime. >>> in assessing the damage in mexico after a strong earthquake rattled the massive capital all the way to the resort city of acapulco. hundreds of homes were damaged. at least 11 people are injured. luckily no deaths reported there. >>> water rising and raging in texas. take a look at this. the fire department forced to pull a woman from her car that was carried downstream after she ignored a warning and drove around a barrier. severe storms expected to unleash flooding across the south and the plains today. >>> this is cnn breaking news. >> we've got breaking news this morning, about 300 police are surrounding an al qaeda suspect right now in france. he's app
seen all the way along the race until now. mitt romney and rick santorum are really duking it out for this one. in ohio, they are neck and neck in the polls. >> so rush limbaugh apologizing again for calling law student sandra fluke a slut. we have a 15 and counting. the stations are also starting to yank his show. i've got to tell you, we found a guy, an editor and publisher who has been following limbaugh for quite a bit of time who said that apology was sincere and he's going to tell us why he thinks so. >> because the sponsors are bailing. >> that's not what he said. >> another story. this is one of those ones that gets you to shake your head because nfl players are admitting they put together big buckets of cash to pay each other to really take out other team members. they're so-called bounties. and it happened to some of the league's biggest names too. and the investigation is going from locker room to locker room. we'll fill you in. >> i can't wait to see what the league is going to do about this. >>> and slipping and sliding away. drivers -- oh, my goodness. that's a big s
begin with your top stories. mitt romney coming off a rout of rick santorum in puerto rico. but santorum is insisting the nomination is his, if he pulls off an illinois upset. >>> spring nearly sprung. what the heck is this? no joke. more in an a foot of snow on the ground in flagstaff, arizona. more on the way, too. bizarre. a major late winter storm shutting down the interstate 40 for nearly 200 miles. >>> in nebraska and oklahoma, the trouble is tornadoes. look at this. storm chasers captured this twister in the town of willow, oklahoma. reynolds wolf is tracking all of the severe weather. >> dozens of occupy wall street demonstrators arrested in ugly pictures in lower manhattan. they're trying to reoccupy the park. >>> and how sweet it is. the sweet 16 is set after 11th seeded north carolina state, upseeded georgetown. up next for n.c. state, kansas on friday. >>> we begin with breaking news from france. three people, two children, have been killed on a shooting outside of a jewish school in toulouse, france. several people were reportedly injured by this gunman. security has been or
. super tuesday now one day away. if the latest polls are right, mitt romney could be closing in on the nomination. >> and also some real heart breaking news from the heartland. this was the little angel we were all hoping would survive. she was a victim of last friday's deadly storm in indiana. taken from her home, found in a field, on life support. the family has made the decision to take her off life support. she is the 39th casualty now of friday's storms. >>> president obama preparing for a face-to-face showdown this morning with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. on the table, how to handle iran and its nuclear program. >>> and rush limbaugh stepping in it big time and the advertisers are dropping like flies, folks, bailing, because it just ain't right to call a law student a slut. why doesn't he get it? can the champion of the right overcome this or would this possibly become his imus moment. >> is it ever okay to call someone a slut? >> having been called a slut by one of my colleagues on the air, i would say it's not. so shut your cake hole, limbaugh. >> i cam
research group poll conducted over the weekend shows mitt romney with 44%. 14 point as head of rick santorum. and we're seeing some really nasty no-holds barred chicago-style politics. >> we're not going to be successful in replacing an economic lightweight with another one. >> do you believe this country wants to elect someone like that. >> we didn't say them vote early and vote often. shall we check the delegate scoreboard. romney is way ahead at 519. santorum trailing at 239. newt gingrich and ron paul. so many say it's not an option anymore. that's wise anyway. paul steinhauser is live from wheaton, illinois. i feel like a broken record. paul, every time i come to you to advance one of these contests, we tend to say the same thing over and over. lots of delegates at stake. could romney come out as a front runner so i'll ask. is it even possible anymore to have any race determine who si front-runner could be? >> reporter: i don't think a lot will change unless rick santorum wins in illinois. that could send tidal waves around the political landscape but you showed that poll, one
. we are bringing you the news from "a" to "z." it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. >> mitt romney hoping to win primaries in mississippi and alabama if he can. he says the party faces doom if a nominee is not picked soon. >>> the military releasing new information on the soldier accused of 16 afghan civilians in their homes. we are learning he suffer a head injury in iraq but was found fit for duty. we're live at the pentagon. >>> a disturbingly familiar sight in louisiana. take a look at your screen. hundreds of people are having to be rescued. 18 to 20 inches of rain falling in some parts of southern louisiana. >>> police deciding not to charge the man. the family of the dead teenager is outraged. we'll break down why there are no charges in this racially charged case. >>> up first, concern that u.s. afghan relations have hit a new low after a deadly shooting rampage. hundreds of afghan students demonstrating overnight, this is in response to the cold-blooded killing of 16 afghan civilians, most children, allegedly by a u.s. soldier. u.s. officials say the army soldier suspected of the
. damage control on the mitt romney camp this morning. the gop front-runner insisting he will not flipflop on his positions if he wins the republican nomination. those are marks after one of romney's top aides made an infamous etch a sketch comment on starting point yesterday. if case you missed it. here's what adviser eric fern strum told us how the romney campaign might change in the fall if his candidate is the nominee. >> i think he hit a reset button for the fall campaign. everything changes. it's almost like an etch-a-sketch. you can shake it up and start all over again. >> didn't take long for rick santorum and newt gingrich to pounce on that remark. they even used props. >> which i have today. >> you have to stand for something that lasts longer than this. people aren't stupid. so we have a real challenge. i need your help this saturday. >> an etch-a-sketch. he said you turn it over and shake it and then you start all over. imagine, had mitt romney been around at the time we were drafting our constitution. he would have shaken it up after it was approved to rewrite it. >> well, rep
that was hit by these deadly storms. >> and winner take some. mitt romney wins michigan but splits the delegates with rick santorum. romney also picking up another state. this all happening right before super tuesday. and after three days at sea without power means no lights, no toilets, no showers and infested waters, a cruise ship arrives in port finally. and people, boy, they have some stories to tell. but first, we're going to get right over to harrisburg. i was reading that it looks like a bomb went off. i was looking at the aerial pictures. just total devastation where you are. >> it definitely looks like a bomb went off. just look behind me at the garden heights apartments. it's hard to believe this was an apartment. you can see the car in the smashed garage. then when you look threw the wreckage, you can see remnants of life, bathrooms turned up side down, beds, closets, wholesale destruction of families and lives in this community. this particular apartment building as i said right off the top of the show, six people lost their lives here. that's the entire death toll for
romney's getting a little help from a southern comic who just might be a red neck. and that rick santorum is counting on conservatives to provide him with a little bit of southern comfort as well. >>> up first here, the killing spree that could threaten the u.s. mission in afghanistan. an american soldier going on a house-to-house shooting massacre in two southern afghanistan villages early sunday. 16 civilians were killed, 5 others were wounded. afghan president hamid karzai says this was an intentional act. he calls it unforgivable. a pentagon spokesman says the u.s. is certain that the gunman acted alone. >> it was noticed when the individual left the outpost and was reported up the chain of command. they did exactly what they should do, which is try to take a proper accounting at everybody at the outpost. there was in fact one person missing and they knew who it was. >> sara sidner is live in kabul, afghanistan. if we can begin the fact that it was one soldier. there were some suggesting it was several soldiers. what can you tell us about that? >> officials are sticking with the one s
endorsements for mitt romney to tell you about. one, a potential running mate. the other, a former president. the polls show the gop front-runner has a lot of work ahead if he plans to beat president obama. >>> we start with new developments overnight in the trayvon martin investigation. just released video obtained by abc of george zimmerman on the night he fatally shot the 17-year-old. the tape shows zimmerman, take a look there. he's being led in handcuffs from a police car to be questioned at the sanford, florida police headquarters. he seems to be moving normally. it's difficult to see any outward sign of the physical injury zimmerman was said to have suffered in a life and death struggle with trayvon martin. trayvon's mother has this reaction on cnn's "piers morgan" last night. >> this video is the icing on the cake. this is not the first part of evidence they have had. they've had the 911 tapes and also had witnesses. this is in addition to what the sanford police department already has. this video is clear evidence there is some problem with this case and that he needs to be arrested
the hour here. if the poll numbers are right republican voters are starting to rally behind mitt romney in a big way here. rick santorum campaigning in georgia yesterday selling his message of not romney. comparing the race actually to a reality show. >> this is an episode of survivor. we need to stay on the island, not get voted off, keep plugging, stay on message and have hopefully the grassroots of conservative movement support us. i think you're seeing that now. >> and it's not looking good for santorum in the latest gallup poll, romney 11 points ahead among registered republicans. in one week romney's gained eight points while santorum has dropped ten points. so we're going to talk about this. live in washington, democratic strategist penny lee is joining us. from columbia south carolina, we have joe sawer. from washington, d.c., cnn political editor, paul steinhauser. i want to get to those numbers but i want to begin with andrew breitbart's death. if you can each weigh in on the impact that he's had on the political world. paul, i'll begin with you. >> cpac, other conservative ga
to the scene there. >>> rick santorum slamming mitt romney and raising a lot of republican eyebrows while doing it with how he did it. >> we might as well stay with what we have instead of taking a risk at what may be the etch a sketch candidate for the future. >> what we have. stay with what we have? really? the fallout from a republican candidate putting the president before his party. >>> and up first, cries of justice for trayvon martin ringing out from coast to coast. there were protests in at least ten cities yesterday and this case has touched a lot of nerves. the anger triggering rallies from los angeles to charlotte, north carolina. protesters demanding the arrest of george zimmerman. that is a neighborhood watch captain who shot and killed the unarmed florida teenager. about 8,000 people gathered in sanford, florida, last night. that was not far from where trayvon was gunned down last month as he was walking home with candy and iced tea. his parents spoke to the crowd there. >> i stand before you today not knowing how i'm walking right now because my heart hurts for my son. trayvon is
, we were all talking about the big ko, the knockout punch that mitt romney didn't deliver. they're kind of talking like they did at this point. one of his aids has actually said this, it's going to take an act of god to stop him from winning the nomination. and some key tests are coming up in the next week. alabama and mississippi. the south is not so sold on mitt romney. in fact, those look good for santorum and also for gingrich, but what do i know? i know the people who do know though. that's former spokesperson house republican conference gretchen hamill who's joining us and tim punc and national political reporter, alexander burns. all right, folks. listen up. i said it very quickly. i said act of god. i want to give you the actual phrasing. it's all in the editing, right? here it is unhe had deted. the campaign aid said this, for those guys, it's going to take some sort of act of god to get where they need to be on the nomination front, and that didn't go over so well with rick santorum. when he was told about it on the trail, he had this to say in response to the act of g
. flowers and a trophy. congratulations, young lady. 31 min teas now passed 5:00 a.m. mitt romney is insisting he still has math on his sigh. the problem with romney, another message. that's their words. he, mr. senator, i should say, senator santorum campaigning in puerto rico. sunday's primary there will offer up 20 delegates. and r.j.lacosta had a chance to catch up in san juan. >> so what happened last night? >> it's pretty sad when all you have is to do math instead of, you know, trying to go out there and win it on substance and win it on what americans want to hear now. we're a long, long way from over. and you know what, i suspect if we keep winning state after state after state, we'll be the nominee. >> now, that's some kind of comforts, ain't it? for his part, mitt romney is going to be headed to the island. he'll join the former senator there as well. he's doing that tomorrow. also, he's been very busy fund raising in new york. lots of money in new york. good place to be for it. he insists that his stumble in the south was just a bump in the road. >> i'm sorry. they hav
. >> a republican language barrier. rick santorum and mitt romney sparring over english in puerto rico. >> just needs to be a bilingual country and not just spanish-speaking and right now it's overwhelmingly spanish speaking and needs to fully integrate. >> fallout. will rick santorum's stand cost him delegates and latino votes. >>> ipad fever is gripping the planet. the tablets are flying off the store shelves sending apple's stock price soaring to unprecedented heights. >> it is one minute now past 5:00. new details about the soldier accused of killing 16 afghan civilians in cold blood. "the new york times" is quoting a senior u.s. official saying that that soldier, quote, just snapped suggesting it might have been as a result of a combination of stress and alcohol. >> the shooting suspect now has a lawyer, john henry brown. brown says the suspect is a highly decorated soldier. he was injured twice during three tours of duty in iraq and was not happy about being deployed for a fourth time to afghanistan. brown also says another soldier on the base was gravely injured right before the killings
confrontation with a "new york times" reporter and he seems to be suggesting it is all mitt romney's fault. on sunday santorum called romney the worst republican in the country to put up against president obama. "the new york times" reporter jeff zulani questioned him about that comment. here's the exchange. >> would you guys quit distorting what i'm saying. >> you think he's the worst -- >> on the issue of health care because he fashioned the blueprint. i've been saying it in every speech. quit distorting my words. if i see it, it's [ bleep ]. come on, man. what are you doing? >> well, you know the romney camp pounced on that. question the santorum's temperament in order to be president and santorum was on "the situation room" with wolf blitzer yesterday. here is how he explained that outburst. >> they sent a romney person to our speech. he fed the line to all the reporters. we saw it happening. and everybody in that -- everybody in that room, even the reporter said we understood what you meant but the romney people said this to us so we had to ask you about it. that's what happened. look
. >> absolutely. >> and we all got that big lesson with mitt romney's tax rate that, yes, that's the way it works. sometimes there's a whole different system for tax in businesses, effective tax rates can change >> making money with money is taxed much, much less. >> christine, thanks so much. >>> 23 minutes past 5:00 on the east coast. we're getting an early read on your local papers. we always get the big old stack and we like to get you up to date. this morning we have the headlines from detroit and atlanta. detroit first, and it ain't good news i hate to say. deadline day in detroit. city leaders there are real worried about their budget and they are scrambling to get some semblance of a financial plan because they're facing a $45 million deficit in the motor city. and guess when they're going to run out of cash. ready? mid next month. the state recommends a fix of -- when i say mid next month, i should correct that. mid-may. about six to eight weeks from now. city is going to recommend a fix of its oven, actually the state, to the governor. but bigger problem here? the detroit mayor is not f
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the sole rom antiromney candidate. he wants to boot mitt romney out of there. when president obama ran, it was a big, big deal. the white house hired a long-time lobbiest. his name is steve richetti. he will work for vice president biden. that's kind of of critical, ain't it? marjorie clifton, democratic strategist and national editor of go in west palm beach florida, eric erickson, editor in chief of red state. you're getting an early weekend start? is that your story. >> totally. >> you are one honest man. i love it. in miami, i smell a rat. you're both in florida. all right. the independent, goldie taylor. marjorie, i want to start with you. you democrat you. steve ruschetti. what the what the? he is a lobby. i know he de-lobbyist registered, right? that makes it legal. isn't that a loophole and isn't that hippocracy at its finest. >> this is washington, right? >> no, i don't want you to say that. give me something better. >> well, i will say this, that it's hard to go anywhere in this entire city without running into an attorney or a lobbyist. they're everywhere. you know
. this is the lighter side of mitt romney. did we ever think we were going to say the lighter side of mitt romney? he was on "the tonight show" with jay leno, and the talk turned professional, talking to running mates and who he might consider. have a look. >> talk to me about the vice president. who are you looking for? >> i haven't actually put a list together at this stage. it would be presumptuous, number one. >> not even with the wife, you know, honey. really? it's never come up? i'm not even running, and i discuss it with my wife. i'll give you a list of candidates. you give me one word on each person. chris christie? >> couple words maybe? >> chris christie? >> indomitable. >> indomitable? >> yeah. >> all right. >> a man of strong will. great strength. indomitable. >> a man of girth. >> if you attack chris christie, you're going to get more than you bargained for. he comes back hard and strong. indomitable. >> marco rubio. >> i'll try for smaller words next time. >> marco rubio. yeah, we don't want to -- marco rubio. >> the american dream. >> donald trump. >> huge. >> huge. rick santorum. >> p
Search Results 0 to 43 of about 44 (some duplicates have been removed)